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Join us on October 4, 2014 at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

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VOTING for the NCBBA Board of Directors on April 8, 2014..........



March 27, 2014.........Past President Jim Keene lays it on the line with NPS Superintendent Trimble........ see the letter below

2014, March 28....Talk is Cheap! Jim Keene letter below puts NPS Superintendent on notice for answers!

  P. O. Box 189 Nags Head, NC 27959 (252) 473-4880 www.ncbba.org   ..

2014, January 29: Building Bridges on OBX - The latest Information

Build a Bridge   NCBBA’s continuing fight for beach access will go on until a reasonable co..

2014, January 2: NCBBA Members Fishing Team Application

Interested in fishing on an NCBBA Tournament Team?   NCBBA has entered member fishing teams i..

2013, December 19: Express Yourself to the SELC Board of Trustees listed below......

Contact the SELC Board of Trustees   Dare County and North Carolina Department of Transporta..

2013, November 15: 50th Anniversary Celebration

Save The Date! NCBBA celebrates 50 years of service. On October 4, 2014 we will celebrate our 5..

2013, October 31: Final Red Drum Results

NCBBA’s 5th Annual Red Drum Tournament Winners There were 262 tournament participants consisting ..

2013, August 6: Cape Hatteras-- " Ultimate Fishing Town" awarded by The World Fishing Network

  (L to R) Jim Keene, NCBBA - David Scarborough, OBPA - Commisioner Chairman Warren Judge ..

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NCBBA supports of higher education for High School Seniors in Dare County. More than $44,000 have been committed to the Scholarship program since 1998.

NCBBA offers a Members/Members Children Scholarship for Adult retraining/higher education and High School Seniors continuing their education.

NCBBA is also a member of the United Mobile Access Preservation Association that also offers a $500 scholarship annually.

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