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Buying Into NC Auto Sports: Mistakes You Need to Avoid

North Carolina has a lot of locations wherein auto sports is practiced and encouraged. This can make it quite tempting for people to want to get into the whole thing. When it comes to procuring or buying vehicles that can be used for auto sports in NC, it is important that you do it right.

Here are a few mistakes that you will need to avoid:

Buying From a Fraudulent Source

ATVs are easy to transport and easy to sell. There is a big market for them—this can seem really tempting for those that would like to cash into the trade. Those who are very interested in buying an ATV can be quite careless. Before you buy an ATV, you must make sure that the source is legitimate.

You must check if they have a proper license to operate. Usually, brands will have a list of legitimate partner distributors so that you do not end up patronizing an illegal business. When you do end up patronizing a fraudulent source, you put yourself in danger as there is no vouching for the quality of the vehicle that you will be getting.

Not Getting the Right Papers

In the world of auto sports, requirements are very stringent. In order to participate, your papers must be in order. If you are planning to join an off-road tournament or one that is held on a beach, you must get suitable permits for it.

North Carolina is very strict about the permits that are needed in order to be able to operate off road vehicles like jeeps, 4x4s, and even ATVs. You must get the right papers if you are to take part of auto sports in NC.

We hope that these couple of listed mistakes makes you very aware of what you need to avoid in the future. Best of luck to you!


North Carolina and ATVs: Rules You Need to Know

North Carolina is the home of a lot of stellar beaches and shores that many off-road terrains that those that like to make use of ATVs would be glad to take advantage of. This, however, does not mean that there are no rules that apply to ATV usage.

Today, we take a look at a few rules that you will need to know before you go on an ATV adventure:

Age Requirement per CC

Just because ATVs are easy to handle and are used for leisure does not mean that anyone will be able to utilize it. There will be particular rules which govern the age of the users. These change as the CC of the vehicle is taken into account. These are the general age requirements per CC in North Carolina:

  • Under 70: 8 – 11 years of age
  • Under 90: 12 – 15 years of age
  • 90 and Over: at least 16 years of age

You Must Have Protective Gear

Protective gear is required by law in all of off-road locations in North Carolina—especially when it comes to the use of ATVs. These machines are often used in beaches where the soil is soft and unsteady. There can be unexpected shifts that may cause the driver to lose balance.

In the interest of those that make use of ATVs, they must come fully geared or be denied usage at all.

No Public Roads and Highways

ATVs are easy to use and very easy to obtain. The fact that it is too easy to use can mean that most people tend to think that they can be used anywhere. The truth is not so friendly. ATVs are completely barred from public roads and highways in North Carolina. This is for the safety of other travelers on the road and of the ATV operator themselves.

There are a lot of other rules that surround ATV usage in NC. We hope that this discussion helps to illuminate it for you. What other rules and laws do you know about ATV usage?

Betting on ATV Sports

While the market is quite small, there are some opportunities for fans to bet on various ATV sports in US states where it’s legal to do see (full list: https://www.bettingnews.com/legal/), however you should always check your local laws and regulations before doing so, to ensure it’s permitted.  In North Carolina, there current aren’t any options to do so online, however with recent changing legislation across the nation it’s likely that in the future rules will change to permit wagering on the sport.


Engine Wonders: What Sort of Auto Sports Exist in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a pretty amazing place. We’ve got a whole lot of everything but what we are most proud of would have to be the existence of auto sports. Let’s take a look at a few of them! Auto sports are amazing discovery that was an eventual consequence for our appreciation and love for our automotive creations.

Here are a few auto sports that you can find alive and well in the state of North Carolina:


racing cars - Engine Wonders: What Sort of Auto Sports Exist in North Carolina?

NASCAR is known best for the sort of cars that it races on a track. Instead of cars which are heavily modified, they usually run stock vehicles. This means that there is more emphasis on the performance of the vehicle as it comes off the line and the skill of driver for managing to coaxing speed and maneuverability in situations that would make most people break out in a cold sweat.

NASCAR has had massive representation in our popular culture so is it any wonder that NC would have it here, too?

Dune Buggy Tournaments

buggy - Engine Wonders: What Sort of Auto Sports Exist in North Carolina?

Dune Buggy tournaments are a fairly regular fixture in North Carolina. People take full advantage of the surplus in off-road terrain that this state has weather on a beach or something that was carved out of a hillside. Dune Buggy tournaments are marvelous things to behold.

You get to feed off of the energy of the drivers and the machines as they go through curves, slopes, and even ramps.

Go Karts

go kart - Engine Wonders: What Sort of Auto Sports Exist in North Carolina?

You may think this a bit silly but Go Kart racing are a legitimate auto sport in North Carolina. They feature a lot of the youth drivers that want to practice their skills in a relatively safe automotive sport. GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville regularly holds tournaments that are really exciting to watch.

These are the auto sports that we can list off the top of our heads. Which ones are you familiar with and which ones do you think need adding to the list?


Before You Go Beach Driving: Dune Buggy Safety Tips You Should Know

North Carolina is a state that is commonly known for the amazing beach activities which usually occur on sandy beaches and off-road terrain. If you are ever going to go on a dune buggy, there are certain safety tips that you must adhere to.

This is what we wanted to talk about with today’s article. Here are a few safety tips you should remember if you’re going riding on a dune buggy:

Wear Proper Safety Gear

Dune buggies do not offer much in terms of protection. The driver has to ride astride the vehicle and has to cling unto the handlebars in order to control the machine and sort of maintain their balance. As such, it would be quite important for anyone using a dune buggy to be suitably protected.

This can be achieved through safety gear like pads, helmets, and proper attire. You can always check with the rental place to see if they have protective gear that they can rent out. If you have your own dune buggy, it would be important to purchase your own safety gear.

Check the Weather

Before you go out in an ATV or dune buggy, it would be smart to check up if the weather will be agreeable for your plans. Anyone who is aiming to experience the outdoors must make it a point to be aware of the weather and any possible changes that may occur during the day.

Learn the Terrain

Before you go out and actually get on the dune buggy, it would be smart to get to know the terrain of the track or the area. Are there any dips? Are there any places where you might slip? Are there any places that should be avoided by novices?

Knowing the answer to these questions will really help you stay safe.

We hope that you take these few safety tips and utilize them when you go out and have a dune buggy adventure—especially in North Carolina!


Wheeling on Sand: What Autos Are Best For Beach Drives?

Last time, we talked about different beaches in North Carolina which are common locations for beach driving. Today, we wanted to take a better look at the sort of vehicles or autos that are best for beach drives.

There are several kinds of vehicles that most commonly used for beach drives. Here are some of the most popular types:


jeep - Wheeling on Sand: What Autos Are Best For Beach Drives?

Jeeps are pretty much synonymous with the concept of beach drives and even racing. It’s a four-wheel drive vehicle without being bogged down by heavy weights. The suspension is usually built with off-terrain usage in mind. This allows it to be able to adjust to rolling little hills and the softer surface of sand.

If a jeep is maintained properly and is paired with a good driver and a solid set of tires, boundless fun can be had.

Land Rovers

land rover - Wheeling on Sand: What Autos Are Best For Beach Drives?

This is a particular brand of vehicle rather than just a general type. We feel that it was worth mentioning because it has one of the better performing engines and overall vehicle range that is best for off-road driving. Land Rovers are tough and can weather more than just the driving.

It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, take a beating, and is able to run at 150% at any given point in time. If you like driving on sand but prefer to be safer, a Land Rover will do the job beautifully.


atv speed - Wheeling on Sand: What Autos Are Best For Beach Drives?

This generally stands for “all terrain vehicle”. They are often popularized by resorts all over the world that have an off-road track nearby. They have come to be known by other names like “quad” or “quad bike”. They normally do not offer much protection for the rider and is usually something that only one person can use.

In the vehicles that we’ve mentioned today, which ones have you tried using before?


Beach Driving Delight: NC Beaches That You Can Drive On

When it comes to the subject of beaches and beach driving, it does not surprise us in the least when the state of North Carolina is immediately mentioned. Today, we explore the concept further with this article.

We wanted to point out a few choice beaches that can really help with your desire to drive upon clear sands and enjoy great views as well. As long as you are responsible, you can enjoy beach driving at:

Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras - Beach Driving Delight: NC Beaches That You Can Drive On

Cape Hatteras is part of the Outer Banks. You may know this place as part of these islands that effectively separate the little inlets from the Atlantic Ocean. This means that there is quite an expanse of shore that is available in this place and nowhere else.

It is roughly around 110 KM of shore that people can use of a lot of different leisurely activities. One of those activities happen to be beach driving. Of course, there are several rules and laws that govern using this area for beach driving. It would be smart if you got in touch with the local government to see if you need any permits.

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach - Beach Driving Delight: NC Beaches That You Can Drive On

Carolina Beach is one of the more famous beaches that the state of North Carolina has to offer. It may not be as expansive as those in the Outer Banks but it is ground zero for a lot of different auto sports that’s conducted on beach grounds.

Beach driving is not anything that is new. It is a past time that has been explored and enjoyed since they were able to create the very first 4×4 vehicle. There is a lot of concern that is showed regarding beach driving as it is commonly believed to accelerate erosion. It should be made clear that this is predominantly because of irresponsible drivers. We hope that the locations that we’ve discussed will be treated with much care—if you ever decide to visit.