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Beach Driving Delight: NC Beaches That You Can Drive On

When it comes to the subject of beaches and beach driving, it does not surprise us in the least when the state of North Carolina is immediately mentioned. Today, we explore the concept further with this article.

We wanted to point out a few choice beaches that can really help with your desire to drive upon clear sands and enjoy great views as well. As long as you are responsible, you can enjoy beach driving at:

Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras - Beach Driving Delight: NC Beaches That You Can Drive On

Cape Hatteras is part of the Outer Banks. You may know this place as part of these islands that effectively separate the little inlets from the Atlantic Ocean. This means that there is quite an expanse of shore that is available in this place and nowhere else.

It is roughly around 110 KM of shore that people can use of a lot of different leisurely activities. One of those activities happen to be beach driving. Of course, there are several rules and laws that govern using this area for beach driving. It would be smart if you got in touch with the local government to see if you need any permits.

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach - Beach Driving Delight: NC Beaches That You Can Drive On

Carolina Beach is one of the more famous beaches that the state of North Carolina has to offer. It may not be as expansive as those in the Outer Banks but it is ground zero for a lot of different auto sports that’s conducted on beach grounds.

Beach driving is not anything that is new. It is a past time that has been explored and enjoyed since they were able to create the very first 4×4 vehicle. There is a lot of concern that is showed regarding beach driving as it is commonly believed to accelerate erosion. It should be made clear that this is predominantly because of irresponsible drivers. We hope that the locations that we’ve discussed will be treated with much care—if you ever decide to visit.