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Wheeling on Sand: What Autos Are Best For Beach Drives?

Last time, we talked about different beaches in North Carolina which are common locations for beach driving. Today, we wanted to take a better look at the sort of vehicles or autos that are best for beach drives.

There are several kinds of vehicles that most commonly used for beach drives. Here are some of the most popular types:



Jeeps are pretty much synonymous with the concept of beach drives and even racing. It’s a four-wheel drive vehicle without being bogged down by heavy weights. The suspension is usually built with off-terrain usage in mind. This allows it to be able to adjust to rolling little hills and the softer surface of sand.

If a jeep is maintained properly and is paired with a good driver and a solid set of tires, boundless fun can be had.

Land Rovers


This is a particular brand of vehicle rather than just a general type. We feel that it was worth mentioning because it has one of the better performing engines and overall vehicle range that is best for off-road driving. Land Rovers are tough and can weather more than just the driving.

It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, take a beating, and is able to run at 150% at any given point in time. If you like driving on sand but prefer to be safer, a Land Rover will do the job beautifully.



This generally stands for “all terrain vehicle”. They are often popularized by resorts all over the world that have an off-road track nearby. They have come to be known by other names like “quad” or “quad bike”. They normally do not offer much protection for the rider and is usually something that only one person can use.

In the vehicles that we’ve mentioned today, which ones have you tried using before?